35 Izmir

Izmir Metro Inc. Liability Omak Lift

İzmir Metro Inc. Obligation belongs to Omak Lift Company: İzmir Metro Following the accident that took place at Üçyol Station yesterday evening, İzmir reports about the allegations that “periodic maintenance was not done yapıl in some news. [more…]

Intercity Railways

Walking down the railroad

While walking on the railroad, he stayed under the train: The person who sustained serious injuries due to the collision of the passenger train as he wandered on the rails lost his life in the hospital. 61-year-old Hüseyin İçpınar, who was learned to be mentally unstable in Sarayköy district of Denizli [more…]

34 Istanbul

Istanbula 3 story tube walkway (Video)

İstanbula 3 storey tube passage: 3 storey tube passage between Gayrettepe and Küçüksu will be constructed in Istanbul. Prime Minister Davutoğlu spoke at the presentation of Mega Project RETURNS OF PRIME MINISTER AHMET DAVUTOĞLU'S EXPLANATION ON MEGA PROJECT [more…]

38 Kayseri

Nylon skiing in Erciyeste

Skiing with nylon in Erciyes: Erciyes ski center is full of weekends as well as weekends. 2 bin 200 meters in the plateau of the sunday skiers prefer to skid and nylon sliding instead of skiing [more…]