Kayseri People Like Rail System

Kayseri Railways Love System: Kayseri, the interest of the rail system day by day, and emphasized the increase in favor of the Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Inc. General Manager Feyzullah Gundogdu, the opening of the Talas and Ildem line on the average day 115 thousand passengers carry the attention, in order to offer full comfort service to the citizens of Kayseri 30 vehicle tender was done and announced the future of the first vehicle in October. ”When all vehicles are included in the fleet, we aim to reach the 12 minutes in the Talas line and 6 minutes in the İldem side“.

Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Inc. General Manager Feyzullah Gündoğdu stated in his evaluations to our news team that the traffic of our city that relieves the traffic of our city, has been awarded with continuous international awards with its comfort and project. 38 is also in service. 225: 38: 38: 12 00: 06 After the maintenance and cleaning of our vehicles, we give our 00 tool service again ı

In June, 2014 additionally reminded that the 30 vehicle was auctioned. In Hopefully, our first vehicle will arrive in October and November. 2-3 will be test runs like the moon after the first vehicle arrives. After the necessary tests are done there will be no problems in the vehicle will be mass production. 2016 1 2 XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX

Gündoğdu pointed out that after the opening of the İldem and Talas lines, the intervals of the flights were increased by a time interval of 10 minutes to the side of Ildem and 20 minutes to the side of Talas. When all the vehicles are included in the fleet, we aim to reach 30 minutes in Talas line and 12 minutes in İldem side. Tüm

Gundogdu, rail system, increasing the interest of the Kayseri day by increasing the interest and affection of our citizens day by day. 2009-2010 60-130 first started the day we started with an average of 115 thousand passengers. Then it began to increase in this stage. With the opening of the Talas and Ildem Line, the daily 120 has reached up to a thousand. We are currently carrying 115 thousand passengers per day. We carry around XNUMX thousand passengers a day during the week. When we look at the monthly average XNUMX thousand passengers are serving. The Kayseri people loved the rail transport system. They prefer the rail system day by day. But now we cannot offer full comfort service due to the lack of vehicle in our fleet. Even so, passengers prefer us. We are trying to comply with the timetables we have organized as much as we can. When the citizen arrives at the station stops, they can learn from the technological means of our stops how many hours will arrive at the train and where they want to arrive. That's why the citizens prefer us more. We are pleased with them, but we are sorry that we could not provide a comfortable passenger in this process. I hope we will make it more comfortable in the coming days İn. He spoke in the form of Ş

Emphasizing that they communicate with call center, complaint boxes and SMS in order to provide better service to citizens, Gündoğdu said, bil We use communication complaint channels very widely. We have weekly reports. We receive about 50-60 complaints per week. When you hit that rate, 90 stands in the million. So we get 1 complaints from 90 million people. Therefore, we evaluate these complaints one to one. Some people may have complaints or complaints according to the quality service we provide. We are examining them one by one, if we have something to do on our side, we're doing what we need right away. We're going back to the customer. We are also pleased with these complaints. Incoming complaints teach us something new. Maybe there is an open point in our service, or is causing us to turn off the lack. Therefore, we are trying to use these channels effectively. We receive complaints by the call center both by complaint boxes and by SMS. We are actively using our citizens and we want them to be used. Etkin

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