Citizens Stopped Tracking for Reaction

Citizens Stopped The Train Navigating For Reaction: The train from Söke district of Aydın to İzmir was stopped by the passengers on the grounds that it had not stopped at the desired stop for 3 months.

This situation caused reactions when the train going from Aydın's Söke district to İzmir did not leave the citizens to the stop they wanted for 3 months. The passengers who rebelled against the situation took action by pulling the emergency brake and stopping the train in motion.


A group of citizens living in Selçuk, but working in various fields in İzmir, providing transportation by train, took action at the Selçuk Train Station. Passengers, who expressed the troubles experienced due to the Söke train departing from Selçuk at 06.49 to Torbalı for about 3 months, asked that this situation be resolved as soon as possible.


Passengers claimed that they could not understand that the Söke train did not go to Izmir with its passengers, and that after leaving the passengers at Tepeköy Station, they continued on their way empty.


A group of citizens who wanted to reach various workplaces in Izmir by train from Selçuk stated that many people lost their jobs and that many local and foreign tourists missed their flight hours.


Reminding that they bought monthly subscriber tickets from TCDD, they bought extra tickets because they went to their workplaces with İZBAN after they got off in Torbalı, they stated that their subscription was invalid and that they suffered economically.


Stating that the train, which has been traveling to Basmane Station without any justification, has been going to Torbalı for about 3 months, the passengers said:

“We used to go to Basmane Station on the Söke train departing from Selçuk at 06.49 in the morning. However, the same train has been leaving us at Torbalı Station for about 2 months. However, there is a very short time like a minute between the train we landed in Torbalı and the departure of İZBAN and we often cannot reach İZBAN, naturally we miss the train. We even conducted a survey on this issue.

No information was given to us as to whether the issue will be resolved. However, we are late for our jobs. Some employees can go to their jobs at 09.30, which creates a lot of trouble. We want the last stop of the Söke train departing from Selçuk at 06.40 every morning, as the Basmane Station, as before. We want the authorities to find a solution to this issue as soon as possible. "

Passengers who prevented the train from moving for a while in the morning were calmed by the police. After the action, the train moved to Torbalı.

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