New railway line in Uzbekistan

New Uzbekistan's railway line: New Uzbekistan's finished railway line eliminates the country's dependence on Tajikistan
In Uzbekistan, the construction of the Angren-Pap railway, which will connect the Fergana Valley to other parts of the country, has been completed. With the completion of the railway that connects the Fergana Valley with Tashkent, the projects of 2 billion dollars in this area, which provided the independence of Uzbekistan's railway system from Tajikistan, were completed.
The opening of the new railway line will be held at this year's Amir Temur birthday ceremonies.
Soviet-era roads were the only link connecting the countries of the region. For example, the Tashkent large car highway was connecting Uzbekistan to Kazakhstan, while the train to Tirmiz from Tashkent was passing through Turkmenistan. The country's most densely populated ferry to the Ferghana Valley was passing through the Sugd area of ​​Tajikistan.
Now the railway going to Tirmiz passes through a new line in Kaşkadarya province. Tashkent big car highway will be restructured and will continue to the southern regions without visiting Kazakhstan.
Previously, the highway leading to the Fergana valley was modified and the part of the road going to Tajikistan was cut and the new add was tied directly to the valley.
However, connecting the Tashkent and Fergana valleys with railroads requires new technology and large capital, and the last railway line was the last project to ensure independence in Uzbekistan's road connections.
19 kilometer tunnel part of the new railway line in Tashkent-Fergana was built by Chinese construction companies. The opening of this part of the line was made according to Chinese procedures. With the completion of this project, Uzbekistan has been freed from the 25 million dollar toll which Tajikistan paid every year.
Entering Central Asia rapidly with large capitals, China is finding new business partners, common markets and energy resources in the region thanks to the Silk Road project.
The Tashkent-Fergana railway line, which has just been completed on the territory of Uzbekistan, is seen by China as an important road connecting Uzbekistan to Europe. It also means pushing Tajikistan, which is surrounded by high mountains and turbulent Afghanistan, even further.
Tajikistan, one of the poorest economies of the former Soviet Union, is thought to have suffered a great deal in terms of development after these developments. The Tajik government, therefore, reacted to the construction of the construction of the railway connecting the Tashkent directly to the Fergana valley, revealing its reaction at the beginning of the construction, but did not give an official statement after the project was completed.
However, it cannot be said that the new railway line brought full profit to Uzbekistan. Because Uzbekistan needs to cross the borders of two neighboring countries to reach the sea. So, in the long term, if Uzbekistan stops land and rail transportation with Tajikistan, it can also be harmful.

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