10 Can Go On Traffic Accidents Day

10 Can Go in Traffic Accidents Day: We remember TRAFFIC VICTIMS IN 16 NOVEMBER. 10 800 NEAR AVERAGE DAILY LOSS AND CAN RESULT IN INJURY with the 'murder TRAFFIC living in Turkey, the COMMEMORATION OF VICTIMS OF TRAFFIC IN THE YEAR 2007 [more…]

34 Istanbul

Airport metro flew house prices

The airport metro has blown house prices: With the opening of the Aksaray-Yenikapı metro line, a serious increase was observed in the house prices here. … A passenger who takes the metro from Kartal on the Aksaray-Yenikapı line, transfers to Marmaray and goes to Yenikapı, [more…]

Intercity Railways

Passenger train crashed into a level crossing car 1 injured

Passenger train hit the car at the level crossing 1 injured: The driver of the car that the passenger train hit at the level crossing in Eskişehir was injured. According to the information received, the passenger train operating the Eskişehir-Kütahya expedition under the direction of Hasan Hüseyin Gıcır, Orhangazi. [more…]

06 Ankara

YHT Cable thieves caught trapped

YHT Cable thieves were caught with a trap: 3 thief who stole the signaling cables of YHT in Polatlı, Ankara was caught in the crime. Due to the theft of cables, YHT flights stopped near 20 hours. Polatlı line passing under the bridge [more…]