President Kocamaz, The Monorail System

President Kocamaz monorail Told System: Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Burhanettin Kocamaz, Germany Düsseldorf and Japan's Chiba they do on their views of the city 'monorail that system is not yet in Turkey, but preferred stating that a system, the project's feasibility in Mersin they evaluated [more…]


TCDD General Manager Karaman and train love

TCDD General Manager Karaman's love for train: General Manager of State Railways Süleyman Karaman played Subway Surfers at a ceremony attended by Transport Minister Elvan. Where the General Manager of Railways runs on rails in the game, even on wagons [more…]


Kabataş tram station will be renewed

Kabataş tram station will be renewed: Bağcılar-Kabataş on the tram line, Kabataş station will be renewed. Due to the renovation works to be carried out between November 17 and December 2, entrances to the station will be provided through the funicular underpass. ISTANBUL - Bagcilar-Kabataş on the tram line, Kabataş station will be renewed. Istanbul Metropolitan [more…]

34 Istanbul

Metrobus congestion in TÜYAP

Metrobus congestion at TÜYAP: Due to the Book Fair held at TÜYAP Fair Center, there was a congestion at the metrobus stop. Citizens coming and exiting the fair caused intensity in overpasses and stops. Citizens who have difficulty walking have formed a queue for meters.  


22 Smart Junction in Urfa

Smart Intersection at 22 Points in Urfa: Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality has started to work towards implementing smart intersections at 1 different points in the first phase of the "Smart Signalization Project". In order to reduce the traffic density and monitor the intersections 5 hours a day, the Department of Transportation [more…]

16 Bursa

Technical fault barrier for BUDO flights

Technical failure barrier to BUDO flights: BUDO has canceled two flights today. BURULAŞ cited a technical malfunction as a reason for the cancellation of the flight between Bursa and Istanbul. Two of the Bursa Sea Buses (BUDO) services operated mutually between Bursa and Istanbul [more…]