RayHaber 19.11.2014 Tender Bulletin

Construction of Pedestrian Underpass under the Railway (7 Regional Directorate in Tavşanlı District Km: 58 + 712,73) Ammunition Detection and Cleaning will be done Cleaning Service will be taken Energy Transmission Line will be made

35 Izmir

Heart attack in Izmir metro (Video)

The moment of having a heart attack in the Izmir metro: Abdullah Bağcı, who was noticed that he had a heart attack in İzmir Metro thanks to the attention of the mechanic, lost his life. What happened was anbean by the security camera in the subway [more…]


Overpasses in Elazığ

Overpasses in Elazig are No More Elevators: Elazig Municipality with a meaningful study on the overpasses on the ring road, which especially old, disabled and pregnant women have difficulties while using. [more…]