Asphalt News

Nuri Bayar Street Asphalt

Nuri Bayar Caddesi Asphalted: In line with the demand from the local shopkeepers and citizens. Announcing the start of the asphalt work on Nuri Bayar Caddesi and Kayı Sokak, Oktar said, “Existing in the region [more…]


Denizli highway will listen

Denizli will listen to the highway: The highway project between Denizli-Aydın and Burdur came to the Metropolitan Municipality Council. The CHP Group asked the assembly to meet with a special agenda to discuss the motorway. President Osman [more…]


Working on TEM Motorway

Work on the TEM Motorway does not end: The Governorship of Kocaeli, as of Saturday, is a bridge in the part of TEM Motorway between Çamlıca and Gümüşova, that is, the entire part of our city that passes through the borders of our city. [more…]