İZBANda Transfer Relay of Aliağalıların

İZBANDA TRANSMIT ÇEL for Aliağalılar: Izmir Suburban System (İZBAN), carrying passengers directly between Aliağa and Cumaovası, started to operate the Torbalı line on 6 February Saturday and Cumaovası and Menemen transfer centers were put into service. Aliagalans traveling in the direction of Cumaovasi Menemen'de will continue on his journey by passing on another train. New application showed great reaction to citizens.
İzmir Suburban System (İZBAN), which was opened in 2010 with the cooperation of TCDD and İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, carried passengers in a direct way between Aliağa and Cumaovası and brought great convenience to the people of İzmir.
But the transfer centers, which were included in the system over the years, almost forced the patience of the citizen. This move of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, which makes Halkapınar station transfer center between İZBAN and İzmir Metro, has become a chasm after the infrastructure could not lift thousands of passengers transferring from the station during the day. Over the years, the arrangement of the Hilal station in the Metropolitan Area, so that the passenger load between these two stations were divided by the inhabitants of Izmir, even though a little breath.
The comfort of thousands of passengers arriving to Aliaga by uninterrupted and direct access to İZBAN from the direction of Cumaovası turned into a nightmare with the completion of the Torbalı line. As a result of the excess of the passenger density of Aliaga'ya 24 minutes to request the increase in the number of voyages to the people of Izmir, such as the demands of Hatundere, Biçerova and Aliağa, and the chance to go smoothly lost.
6 After the Torbalı flights that started on February Saturday, İZBAN changed the system and made it Friday and Menemen the transfer center. This situation surprised the thousands of passengers using the line.
8 On the morning of February Monday, the people of İzmir who were on the way to İZBAN to go to their school and work in Aliağa were shocked. The system, which was activated at the end of the week, was almost locked to the halt with the intensity formed during the week. In order to transfer in Menemen, passengers were waiting for the train to Aliağa for an average 15 minute. Passengers reacting to the situation, this application initiated by the Metropolitan Municipality of Izmir could not give a meaning. Many of the passengers who were on the fishing line of İZBAN were late for work.
Menemen's villages, transfer stations located on the İZBAN line, old Foça, Yeni Foça, Dikili and Bergama districts and villages providing transportation via ESHOT, waiting for the transfer bus from Izmir Metropolitan Municipality to the city, Aliağalılar experienced frustration with the removal of direct flights to Cumaovası . Aliaga city center because of the absence of ESHOT expedition 90 minute transfer rights and 60 - 65 age free transportation cards can not use Aliağalılar, other citizens are forced to pay 2 times more money.
The last stop of the Torbalı line from Aliaga to Tepeköy to go with IZBAN a passenger will travel about 2 hours. During this journey Menemen and citizens who will transfer in Cumaovası, waiting in the transfer centers on the official website is shown as the average 3 to 6 minutes.

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