D-100 Afforestation: Highways that have not been able to illuminate Bolu Mountain for years and have been criticized for their overpasses to Düzce, are afforesting D-100 Highway mid-median. Highways Region [more…]

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Asphalt road work in power

Asphalt road work in power: With the support of Güce Municipality, Special Provincial Administration, the 9-km stabilized road between Giyimli Mahallesi and Fındıklı village covered asphalt. power [more…]

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Where Is Asphalt Done?

Where Asphalt Was Made: Muratlı drivers denied the asphalt work that is said to have been carried out in the Muratlı Yeşilsır neighborhood of the Tekirdağ metropolitan municipality. YesilSir in Muratli District [more…]

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Asphalt work from Çankırı Municipality

Asphalt work from Çankırı Municipality: Çankırı Municipality continues its asphalt work at 7 points. In the written statement made by the municipality, in order to eliminate the road problem of the citizens due to the coming of winter 7 [more…]