D-100 Afforestation: Highways that have not been able to illuminate Bolu Mountain for years and have been criticized for their overpasses to Düzce, are afforesting D-100 Highway mid-median. Highways Region [more…]

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Asphalt road work in power

Asphalt road work in power: With the support of Güce Municipality, Special Provincial Administration, the 9-km stabilized road between Giyimli Mahallesi and Fındıklı village covered asphalt. power [more…]

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Where Is Asphalt Done?

Where the Asphalt Was Made: The drivers of Muratlı denied the asphalt work, which is said to have been carried out in the Muratlı Yeşilsırt neighborhood of the Tekirdağ metropolitan mayor's department of science. Yesilsirt in Muratli District [more…]

Asphalt News

Asphalt work from Çankırı Municipality

Asphalt work from Çankırı Municipality: Çankırı Municipality continues its asphalt work at 7 points. In the written statement made by the municipality, in order to eliminate the road problem of the citizens due to the coming of winter 7 [more…]