Oltu-Ardahan Roadway Green

Oltu-Ardahan Highway Will Be Turned to Green: Afforestation works of 10 kilometers of Oltu-Ardahan Highway have been started within the scope of the project of afforestation of highways. With the project carried out by Oltu Forestry Directorate, Oltu [more…]


Alpuya Rail System Reconstruction

The Rail System to be constructed in Alpuya is Pending Development: 'Rail Systems Research and Perfection Center Provincial Environment Plans' plans to be made by Anadolu University to Alpu took place last night. [more…]


Loan to Izmit Tram Project

Credit will be obtained for the Izmit Tramway Project: Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality pressed the button for the Tramway Project, which was promised to the people of Izmit before the local elections of 30 March. November 13 [more…]


Bridge construction started in Yağlıder

Bridge construction has started in Yağderere: It has been reported that a bridge has been started to be built in the region where the construction of the central secondary school and vocational school is in the district of Yağdere. Yağdere Mayor Abdurrahman Kırhasanoğlu to AA correspondent [more…]


Zigana Tunnel Tender Completed

Tender for Zigana Tunnel was Made: Construction of a 12,9 kilometer long tunnel, planned to be built on the Zigana Pass, which connects the Eastern Black Sea with the Middle East, which is the fearful dream of drivers during the winter months. [more…]

16 Bursa

Ropeway in urban transportation

Cable car period in urban transportation: The cable car network will be expanded in order to eliminate the transportation problems of the people living in the neighborhoods on the southern slopes of Uludağ. Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe said, “Our people are one [more…]

34 Istanbul

Domestic Tramway ISTANBUL

Local Tram ISTANBUL: Istanbul Tram ”project is a local vehicle project realized with the efforts of our country's designers and engineers. Istanbul Tram is the visual identity and design understanding of Istanbul. [more…]