09 Aydin

Hangar Danger in Söke Train Station

Hangar at Söke Train Station Is Threatening: The restoration work and landscaping planned to be built at the train station in Aydın's Söke district on the grounds that it poses a danger is until 2015. TCDD 3rd Regional Directorate in 2013, approximately 10 million TL [more…]

09 Aydin

Train Injury (Video)

Aydında Train Accident: The person who tried to cross the level crossing with his bicycle was injured as a result of being hit by the passenger train. Who wants to cross the level crossing with his bike in Atatürk Mahallesi location [more…]

06 Ankara

Siteler - Karapürçek ropeway project canceled by jurisdiction

Siteler - Karapürçek ropeway project was canceled by court decision: The Administrative Court canceled Melih Gökçek's Siteler-Karapürçek cable car line. The court related to the cable car, which was previously decided to be stopped, stated that the cable car was not included in the Ankara Transportation Master Plan and the uncertainties in the plan [more…]

55 Brazil

Hyundai Opens Train Factory in Brazil

Hyundai Opens Train Factory in Brazil: South Korean auto giant Hyundai is preparing to open its first train factory in Brazil. Hyundai Rotem announced that it plans to open a $ 40 million factory in Araraquara, Sao Paulo state. With the project, Hyundai Rotem is the most [more…]


Moving minutes in Izmit Train Station

Moving minutes in Izmit Train Station: There were moving minutes in Izmit Train Station. At the entrance of the garage there was a discussion between the suspect and the police. While the person was taken into custody, the bag was taken out of the garage in any case and an expert team was called. Izmit [more…]