34 Istanbul

International Railway Engineering Congress

International Railway Engineering Congress: Istanbul University, Faculty of Engineering, Iran University of Science and Technology, Railway Engineering Faculty and the Islamic Republic of Iran Railway Development Center will organize an annual congress. Istanbul University, Engineering [more…]

38 Kayseri

Snow covered winter season in Erciyeste

Erciyes snow-sure winter season: the important winter tourism centers of Turkey's Erciyes in artificial snow machines were guaranteed four-month winter season. Yücel İkiler, Deputy General Manager of Erciyes AŞ, told Anadolu Agency (AA) that the Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality [more…]

18 Cankiri

Ilgazda operators waiting for snow

Expects operators snowfall in Ilgaz: Turkey's major ski resorts in the Ilgaz Mountain last year's dry season pass hotel operators, hoping to have more of this year's snowfall of Turkey's major ski resorts have completed their preparations in Ilgaz Mountain [more…]

13 Bitlis

Nemrut Ski Resort Ready for Winter

Nemrut Ski Resort is Ready for Winter: Nemrut Ski Center, located in Bitlis's Tatvan district, was made ready for winter this year by covering the roads with hot asphalt as well as the 3 tracks that have been completed. Nemrut Kayak in Bitlis's Tatvan district [more…]

36 Kars

Cıbıltepe Ski Center has night skiing

Cibiltepe ski resort night skiing on is getting: Turkey's most important winter tourism centers are located between their kayaksev in Cibiltepe Ski Center in Kars Sarıkamış this season, as of to do night skiing - Governor Özdemir: "Many ski slopes of night skiing [more…]


We Don't Want Privatization in Railways

We Do Not Want Privatization on Railways: The members of the United Transport Union (BTS) launched a protest on the Railways to react to the decision to privatize TCDD roads. With the aim of providing information about this action, Güneş TV is a guest of the main news peers. [more…]

66 Thailand

4 dead train in Thailand

Train accident in Thailand 4 dead: As a result of the collision of the train and the car in the north of Thailand, 4 people in the vehicle which turned into a fireball burned and lost their lives. In the accident that occurred in the city of Nakhon Si Thammarat, the train with passengers [more…]

Asphalt News

ÇerkezköyAsphalt Patching to Pits in the Road

ÇerkezköyAsphalt Patching to Potholes in the Road Çerkezköy the pits that occur in places on Hikmet Uğraş Street, which is one of the busiest streets of the district, will be covered with hot asphalt and repaired. Çerkezköy Municipality of the Directorate of Science Affairs warm from Tekirdağ Metropolitan Municipality [more…]


No more exit from Soğukkuyu to İzmir Road

There is no longer an exit from Soğukkuyu to İzmir Road: In Bursa, the exit from Soğukkuyu Street to İzmir Road will be closed to vehicle traffic on Sunday, November 23 at 10.00:XNUMX. According to the statement made by the Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department, the Western Near Ring Road [more…]


Güründe Selde Damaged Bridge Is Being New

The Bridge Damaged by Flood in Gürün Reconstruction: A new bridge is being built in the Işıtan District of Gürün district, which was severely damaged by the flood and became unusable. Making statements about the construction of the bridge, which cost about 45 thousand liras [more…]


Leaked bridge 9 destroyed after months

The illegal bridge collapsed after 9 months: ARTVİN was built on the Kapisre Stream for Kavak Hydroelectric Power Plant project, which was opened with the zoning change made by the municipality in Arhavi District, but the Rize Administrative Court canceled the 'EIA positive' report and stopped its construction. [more…]


Seyitgazi Road 2 Kilometry

Seyitgazi Road 2 Kilometers Section Construction Will Be Started: AK Party Eskişehir Deputy Salih Koca stated that the construction of the 2-kilometer road at the beginning of the Seyitgazi road Yenikent will begin in a short time. Deputy Koca made a statement on the subject; earlier [more…]

01 Adana

Railway workers marched against privatization in Adana

In Adana, railway workers marched against privatization: The Gaziantep branch of the 5-lane march to Ankara against the privatization practices of railways reached Adana. The Gazi Antep branch of the Ankara march, which was initiated by the United Transport Workers Union against the privatization of the railways, from 5 branches [more…]

06 Ankara

YHT from three cities to the capital

YHT from Başkent to three cities: TCDD General Manager Süleyman Karaman stated that an average of 15 thousand passengers are transported daily on the capital-centered YHT lines and that works are continuing on new lines. It will connect to Sivas in 2017, to Bursa in 2018 and to Izmir in 2019 " [more…]

Intercity Railways

Çerkezköy Train Schedules to Start at 2015

Çerkezköy Train Schedules Will Start at 2015:Çerkezköy Kaymakamı Text Kubilay, TCDD 1. Metin Akbaş, Regional Director, said that trains will start on 31 January 2015. Çerkezköy District Governor Metin Kubilay, TCDD 1st Regional Manager Metin [more…]

Intercity Railways

Passenger train in Erzurum hit car 1 dead, 3 injured

Passenger train hit the car in Erzurum 1 dead, 3 injured: 1 person died and 3 people were injured as a result of the collision of the passenger train with the car at the level crossing in Aşkale district. According to the information received, 25 DT 400 plate cars under the direction of Kenan Arifoğulları, [more…]


Why the overpass is made when there is a subway

Why is an overpass when there is an underpass? There is an overpass to the Hereke junction of the D-100 highway. But what is interesting is that there is an underpass in that area that has been operating for years. MHP Kocaeli Deputy Lütfü Türkkan D-100 highway Hereke [more…]