34 Istanbul

Economic impact of Marmaray

Economic impact of Marmaray: One year has passed since the opening of Marmaray. In this year, according to the information reflected in the press, 100 thousand flights were made and 1 million 400 thousand [more…]

34 Istanbul

Sirkeci Train Station

Sirkeci Station: II. It is the train station built on the European Side of Istanbul during the reign of Abdülhamit. It is one of the two main stations of TCDD in Istanbul with Haydarpaşa Station. Sirkeci Station is located [more…]


The highest share in 2015

Delivering the highest share in investment in 2015: According to the 2015 Program, the highest share in the public fixed capital investments next year is 31% in the transportation sector. [more…]


Bridges and highways are being privatized

Bridges and highways are being privatized: The Privatization Administration will select a consultant by the end of the month for the privatization of bridges and highways; The privatization process is expected to start in the first quarter of 2015. Istanbul [more…]

Asphalt News

Village roads in Ankara reached asphalt

In Ankara, village roads got asphalt: Ankara Metropolitan Municipality started asphalt mobilization to the villages. Metropolitan Municipality, from the districts that are new to its borders to the most remote neighborhoods (villages) [more…]


Historic Stone Bridge 100. Year Celebrated

The 100th Anniversary of the Historical Stone Bridge is Celebrated: In the Beyşehir district of Konya, the 100th age of the historical Taşköprrün, which is described as the pearl necklace of the district, is celebrated with various events. In Beyşehir, during the Ottoman period [more…]

35 Izmir

The second railway line in Izmir

The second railway line to Izmire: It turned out that the project “not the high-speed train” and the “accelerated train” will be implemented in the railway transportation between Denizli and Izmir. “Transportation time from Denizli to Izmir by rail [more…]

34 Istanbul

Erdoğan'dan Channel Istanbul gospel

The gospel of Kanal Istanbul from Erdogan: In his speech at President Erdoğan Esenler, the crazy project gave the good news that Kanal Istanbul will be tendered. Erdogan, new projects for the future of Istanbul with the same excitement [more…]

34 Istanbul

Tree Overthrown on Tramway

Tree Overturned on Tramway: The tree that rotted on the street where Gülhane Park was located and knocked over the turnstiles at the tram stop caused 3 people to be injured. Tram services due to the incident [more…]

08 Artvin

They Provide Transportation by Cable Car

When the roads are closed, they provide transportation by cable car: In Alaca locality in Artvin's Borçka district, Küçük and Şimşek families carry their transportation and patients with a cable car built with primitive facilities. At Alaca [more…]