BTS: 30 bin rail staff to be banished

BTS: 30 thousand railway personnel will be deported. Members of the United Transport Workers Union, who made a press release regarding the privatization of the State Railways, depending on the problems that the AKP's privatization policy will bring. [more…]

Intercity Railways


Raybus, not a tramway: Mayor of Akşehir Salih Akkaya, answered the question of a citizen's tramway by saying "Raybus, not a tramway". Recently, in our newspaper, Konya Metropolitan Municipality [more…]

43 Austria

Austrian Railways open a HOLOKOST exhibition

The Austrian Railways opened the HOLOKOST exhibition: The exhibition, "Suppressed Years", opened by the Austrian Railways, documents the transfer of Jews to the concentration camp and the "Nazisation" of the train workers. Austrian National Railway company, [more…]

34 Istanbul

UTİKAD at Logitrans Fair

UTİKAD at Logitrans Fair: International Transport and Logistics Service Manufacturers Association UTİKAD, which has hosted a historical congress recently, is related to the logistics and transportation sector. [more…]

41 Switzerland

24 Hourly Strike Ends in Geneva

24-Hour Strike Will End in Geneva: The strike by employees in organizations providing urban transportation such as trams, buses, and trolleybuses in Geneva negatively affected transportation. Tram, bus in Geneva [more…]


Kütahya Logistics Center

Kamil Saraçoğlu: Kütahya will become the Logistics Center. Mayor Kamil Saraçoğlu and the Customs Directorate, which was brought to the city as a result of the intense efforts of the deputies of Kütahya, started its activities. Appointed as the Customs Manager [more…]


Intersection Studies Begins in Burhaniye

Intersection Works Begin in Burhaniye: Intersection works are starting in Burhaniye district of Balıkesir. 2. Regional Director of Highways Abdulkadir Uraloğlu visited the Mayor of Burhaniye Necdet Uysal in his office. Neighborhood entrances [more…]


Highway Circle

Highway ring to Marmara: Marmara Region is taken under a circle that will be made to ring by highways. The project includes Istanbul, Kocaeli, Yalova, Bursa, Balıkesir, Çanakkale and Tekirdağ. [more…]