Cooperation between TCDD and Japan Railways

Cooperation between TCDD and Japan Railways: TOMD delegation headed by Deputy Director General Adem KAYIŞ and Makoto WASHIZU, JITI (Japan International Transport Institute) President, Japan Railroad Ministry and Japan Railways officials, Japan Railway Academician and Embassy officials held a meeting on 3 November 2014 .

Deputy Director General Adem KAYIŞ, in his speech, said he was pleased to host the Japanese delegation in our organization.

He emphasized the desire of the Japanese companies that carry out highly reliable activities in the construction of railway vehicles as well as the construction of railroads, and emphasized that the Japanese government only encouraged its firms to participate in the tenders in which mas infrastructure, superstructure and vehicles yürüt take place. "This situation prevents the Japanese companies from participating in the separately opened TCDD infrastructure, superstructure and vehicle tenders," he added.

JIT President Makoto Washi is the Japanese companies that they are very interested in railway investments and projects in Turkey also stressed that Japanese companies want to get involved.

The meeting ended with the emphasis that the research and the reports prepared by WASHIZU will constitute one of the foundations of the cooperation between the two countries on the railway field.



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