Russian Railways implement a giant construction project

The Russian Railways are implementing a giant construction project: the 3, the world's longest rail network. The railroads in Russia, which is in the country of Turkey, are developing rapidly due to the intensive construction and modernization activities carried out in recent years and the fleet of locomotives and wagons serving in these areas is growing and renewing day by day.

These activities, which are carried out on the railways with a total length of 90 a thousand kilometers, bring about the need for many new railway stations.

Russia is a state owned subsidiary of Russia Railways Inc. In line with this need, a new investment plan scheme was prepared which envisages the participation of foreign investors. famous political scientist Stanislav Tarasov we consulted on the issue, the positive experience of Russia and Turkey in the field in question is already underlines that they have:

Russian Railways Inc. decided to change the investment plan prepared for these, abandoning the project, which envisages leasing the new stations planned to be built. Accordingly, Russia Railways-Istasyon Gelişim A.Ş., which is responsible for the administration of the stations. The shares in the block package will be given to the Investment Agency of Russia, and this agency will obtain a source of 10 billion dollars from foreign investment funds in line with the relevant activity program. Within the scope of the said giant project, it is planned that the development activities in the railways located in the Asian part of Russia will be implemented very quickly. Negotiations have been started with Chinese, Singaporean and Turkish companies regarding this issue, and Turkish construction giants, including Gama Holding, show close interest in this project. It is quite understandable why construction companies are particularly interested in the project: First, the participants of the project are entitled to participate in the repair, repair and modernization activities of the railway stations, the number of which is expressed in hundreds. kazanwill work. Secondly, the investor company will undertake the construction of elements such as hotels, shops and shopping centers to be built in the relevant regions within the scope of the activities to be carried out for the modernization of these stations. In other words, a new infrastructure will be established that trade companies will benefit from. The works to be done are not limited to these… Especially recently, both Turkish and Russian tourism companies are preparing big railway tours, which will mean an alternative holiday not only for Russian and Turkish tourists, but also for foreign tourists. The guests who will participate in the said tours will stay in the multi-functional hotel and shopping center complexes that will be built near the stations to be modernized.

If you are the subject of our railways in Russia and Turkey should cooperate to express that there are some experience in this field. As it is known, a ferry-rail line was established between Samsun and the Caucasus ports and a huge connection complex was built to Samsun Port. This 200 wagon capacity is also equipped with an interchangeable wheel system. In addition, equipment and equipment required for loading from wagons to trucks are included in the complex. It said the system was built, only to ensure that increasing bilateral trade volume between Turkey and Russia, but also 3. it also created the possibility of sending products to countries. Line ferry crossing at stake during the construction of Olympic facilities in Sochi to be sent construction materials from Turkey has also undertaken a major role in the process. Today, the system is actively used in the supply of materials and raw materials needed by construction projects carried out by many Turkish companies in Russia.

Turkish companies, Russian Railways Inc. in order to take an active role in the new project, which is prepared and modernized by the existing railway stations. A contract will be signed with 10 annually in the joint procurement ground for each company that will be included in the investor pool, which is expected to be determined shortly after the relevant project, and the return on investment 7-13 for the discounted period will continue throughout the year.

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