Safety and quality in the railway sector

Today's international railway operations attach great importance to safety and quality standards for railway technology. The relevant international standards are continually renewed for comfort, quality and safety, and technological developments take every precaution to minimize the risk of increased accidents with increases in cruise speeds.

Between the years of 1950-2000 in our country, with a wrong state policy, the railways were pushed into the second plan and the investments in the state railways were completely reduced. If the state does not invest in any sector in a country, the private sector will not be there, and since there will be no demand, R & D and training will also be minimized. Unfortunately, in our country this 50 annual period has been a dead period for railways. However, in xnumx'l the year, the state at this time, positive decision, have begun large investments for rail, Turkey met with the High Speed ​​Rail concept, in addition to investments in high-speed train lines, rehabilitation of our existing conventional lines to investments made, great for electrification and signaling projects are realized .

the rail system in Turkey, in addition to large investments in long-distance passenger and freight transport in our major cities, especially Istanbul, the largest projects are realized for the urban rail system. Together with the potentials in public institutions, private sector and universities, efforts are being made to design and manufacture completely domestic vehicles such as National Train, National Metro. In all these studies, the criteria in the relevant international standards and directives are observed, developed and developed, and all kinds of tests required by international standards on prototypes produced are certified. However, although the tests are carried out in accordance with the relevant standards, both the testing teams and the test systems are not internationally accredited. In addition, public and private sector organizations in the sector need R & D support.

In order to eliminate these shortcomings in the developing rail system sector in our country, studies were initiated to establish international certification and accredited test and R & D centers and the foundations of the URAYSİM Rail Center of Excellence Center were laid within Anadolu University. In this center;

• All kinds of accredited testing systems required by international standards,

• In-service training will be provided to R & D and Industrial organizations for the design and development of rail system vehicles and components.

In this test center, except for the test systems in indoor and outdoor places, 3 to be constructed will be carried out with the test equipment with different size test path, with the latest technology equipment. In addition to the URAYSİM project, investments and studies for the DATEM Test and R & D Center established in Ankara within the scope of TCDD are ongoing.

With the introduction of these centers, all the vehicles and components developed for rail systems will be developed, certified according to international standards, domestic market and also our local industry will increase the competitiveness of the international market.

For the development of the sector, cooperation between the state, public and private institutions, universities and all potentials in the country is required. As a result of this cooperation, the development of new technologies and the conformity of the products and systems developed with the standards, comfort and safety will be highlighted. In addition, during the operation of infrastructure and vehicles, monitoring methods should be checked that the systems are in good condition and maintenance and repair should be done if necessary. In all these studies, besides the efficiency, reliability and comfort of the systems, environmental impacts should be prioritized.

Source: Prof. Dr. Tuncer TOPRAK - Istanbul Commerce University - I

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