Habib-i Neccar Mountain Cable Car Project Works Continue

Antakya Habib I Neccar Mountain Cable Car Facility Construction Work
Antakya Habib-İ Neccar Mountain Cable Car Facility Construction Work

The Metropolitan Municipality (HBB), which plans to build a 1150-meter-long cable car line from the İplik Pazarı neighborhood on Kurtuluş Street, where historical buildings are densely located, to Habib-i Neccar mountain, started the first works. The highly anticipated answer to why the project slowed down at the last stage in the ropeway works carried out by Hatay Metropolitan Municipality, Hatay Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Assoc. Dr.Lütfü Savaş.

President Savaş said in his statement: esi We found historical artifacts in the location of the sub-station of the cable car, we want to make a museum at the sub-station by exhibiting these works in place, the work of the ropeway project is continuing. In 2015 we can give the good news that both the museum and the ropeway will end. X

President War, pointing out that the ropeway is the site of the sub-station, tarihi While we were opening the sub-station in the cable car project, we found very nice historical artifacts here. We want to exhibit the historical artifacts at the sub-station of the cable car as a on-site museum. The longer our guests come here, the better for our shopkeepers. Our guests who come to our city, the historical texture, the museum, the cable car out of the city to look at the bird's eye view, we want to make money from our shopkeepers in the long bazaar, "he said.

President War, who stated that they would like to add this area to the ropeway project and to evaluate the region, yapt Therefore, we have done the restoration, restitution and relay work there. We give this work to Adana Monuments Board and then we will go on the construction tender and make a museum under the station Kurul.

The delay is not caused by the firms that carry out what they do not work from themselves, President of War kaynaklı The region is a completely protected area because of these delays. The historical artifacts found here have caused us to make new plans and prolong time. We expect the monuments board to make a decision in parallel with the changes we demand, and if the answer comes fast, we can complete the works in the autumn of 2015 bek. He gave his statements.

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