Uludağ cable car line in the hotels area

Uludag ropeway line in the hotels area: Cable Car Hotels Area cut off the construction of the ropeway 1 2014 186 will not be completed until the date of the date stated that Bursa Teleferik Inc. General Manager Burhan Ozgul, 13 cabin with a thousand people in the region said they would move to the region. With the renovation of the cable car to reach Uludağ after the 50 year, the work in the hotel area continues to be full.

The concrete line of the cable car line in the hotels area will be completed, while the Sarıalan and the hotels region line will be completed on 1 December 2014. Bursa Teleferik A.Ş. stated that two TIR materials were shipped every day from Italy. Burhan Özgümüş, General Manager, “Direct installation of the hotel began in the region.

Some of the masts will be planted with the help of helicopters after the crane. Currently the station construction is in progress.


Stating that the passage of trees over the trees Özgümüş, the end of the line until the date of snowfall will not hamper the work, he said.

The 20 cabin will carry 8 a thousand people a day from Bursa to the hotels zone with the 186 cab, which eliminates the trouble of waiting for 13 seconds wagons. We aim to open this facility in every condition this year.

Currently, the line distance of 4 bin 500 meters, will be sewn between the Xalanx hotels 25 pole will reach the 8,5 will reach the kilometers, X he said. The first stage of the completion of the shipment of the old poles stating that the free, only a pole could not be moved by helicopter to stay, he said that with the rain in case of fire with the hands to be shattered by hand.

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