Proof of Faulty Construction of YHT Line
06 Ankara

TCDD's Incorrect Culvert Report Revealed

Sakarya Arifiye, Istanbul-Ankara high-speed train departing from the machinist's attention prevented the disaster. Details of the incident began to be revealed. According to the report of TCDD, it was found that the culvert belonging to the railway which was found to have been discharged from gold was made incorrectly. [more…]

YHTDE is now also at the control center risk
06 Ankara

Risk Management at YHT

When the signaling, which is started after the disaster in Ankara YHT line, is completed, the transportation of the control center will be on the agenda. Eroğlu from BTS warned that yaşan if transportation occurs, serious problems may occur. 13 in Ankara after the train tragedy in December [more…]