TCDD Starts Work at Bozuyuk Overpass

📩 15/12/2018 17:04

TCDD Bozüyükte Overpass Construction Work Begun: TCDD General Directorate of Bozdağ'dan 3 upper and lower passage work to connect the neighborhood of Yeşilkent neighborhood and 4 September crossing began with the construction work.

After the start of the construction works of the Yeşilkent overpass, Bozüyük Mayor Fatih Bakıcı visited TCDD 2st Regional Director Nihat Aslan in order to start the works of the other 1 passes as soon as possible. Mayor Bakıcı and Deputy Mayor Hayrettin Eldemir visited TCDD 1st Regional Director Nihat Aslan and the projects of other underpasses and overpasses to be built in Bozüyük and the situation was evaluated. At the end of the visit, President Bakıcı gave information about the meeting and the first of the TCDD under and overpasses, which will facilitate the traffic flow of our planned district, started work in Yeşilkent. We received the necessary support from Nihat Aslan, TCDD 3st Regional Manager, to start the works of the other 2 passages as soon as possible. I would like to thank our Regional Manager, Nihat, for his close interest in solving the problems of our district ”.

After Bozüyük Mayor Fatih Bakıcı's statement that level crossings will no longer be a problem, the works started on the production of steel reinforced concrete feet that will form the foundations of the overpass. After the completion of the works, while the traffic load on the street connecting Yeşilkent District and the city center decreases, the railway will no longer be a problem for drivers.

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