TCDD Tasimacilik Paid 2019 Billion TL Salary in 1.1 Damaged Over 1 Billion

TCDD Transport also made billions of TL in salary and more than billions of dollars
TCDD Transport also made billions of TL in salary and more than billions of dollars

TCDD Tasimacilik, which operates the trains on the railways and serves under the State Railways, made a loss of 2019 billion 1 million 87 thousand 52 TL in 678.

From SÖZCÜ's Deniz Ayhan haberaccording to “TCDD Tasimacilik employs 197 thousand 4 personnel including 933 officers, 4 thousand 472 contracted personnel, 2 thousand 284 workers, 11 thousand 886 cleaning officers, security guards and stewardesses.

Considering that the company only pays 1 billion 180 million lira to its staff, it turns out that it does not even have the power to pay salaries. Court of the Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) has issued the audit report on the Transportation Joint Stock Company.

While 11 billion 886 million TL was paid annually to 1 thousand 180 employees working in the company, 24.2 million TL of this amount was paid to civil servants, 552.2 million TL to contracted personnel and 603.4 million TL to the workers. A total of 155.9 million TL was paid to the personnel under service procurement.


According to the report of the Court of Accounts, TCDD Tasimacilik was determined to spend 2019 million 161 thousand TL despite the 808 million 225 thousand TL allocation within the scope of service works in 701, and it was stated that it was more than the appropriations. 55 million TL of the expenditure was used for cleaning, 62 million TL for protection and security, 7 million 981 thousand TL for car rental, 67 million 775 thousand TL for other service purchases.


It was also stated that the TCA auditors were in dispute between TCDD Tasimacilik and TCDD in determining the liability rate in train accidents. In the report of the Court of Accounts, it was stated that “TCDD Tasimacilik had to bear this expense as a result of failure to reach agreement and mostly accident expenses could not be invoiced to TCDD”.

The report also stated that the monetary value of 2019 thousand tickets, which were purchased free of charge by disabled citizens, was 124.7 million TL in 3.4.

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