TAV to Neutralize Carbon Emissions in 2030

annealing will also neutralize carbon emissions
annealing will also neutralize carbon emissions

Groupe ADP, the world's largest airport operations platform, of which TAV Airports is also a part, announced its goals for a sustainable future.

TAV Airports signed the “Airports for Trust” declaration, which includes the common goals of 23 airports in the Groupe ADP network, in protecting the environment and supporting social development. Among the signatories are Paris Aéroport, Airport International Group (AIG), Liège Airport, Ravinala Airports and MZLZ, in addition to TAV.

TAV Airports CEO Sani Şener said, “We are living in a period of globalization and rapid change. Problems threatening our planet and our lives require collaboration on a scale never seen before. We need the public, private sector, non-governmental organizations and stakeholders at all levels to work together to find the right solutions. Trust lies at the heart of cooperation. As part of the world's largest airport management platform Groupe ADP, we work to create the highest benefit for all our stakeholders. With this declaration, we renew our targets on environmental protection and support to local development stronger ”.

“This declaration reflects a shared vision for the future of the airport industry,” said Augustin de Romanet, Groupe ADP Chairman and CEO. Within the scope of combating global warming, the aviation industry can take advantage of this opportunity while facing one of the biggest challenges in its history, transforming the business model comprehensively and developing more efficient and responsive processes. For Groupe ADP, this means reducing our carbon footprint and strengthening our ties with local stakeholders. Groupe ADP and its partners are still the world's leading airport management network, and with this declaration, we aim to become the world's first sustainable airport community ”.

The declaration includes four goals under the heading of environmental protection. First, the signatories aim to neutralize carbon emissions by 2030. İzmir, Ankara and Antalya airports, which are included in TAV's portfolio, have achieved this goal within the scope of the Airport Carbon Accreditation (ACA) program.

Other goals for environmental protection include supporting the industry's transformation efforts and creating solutions for the use of renewable fuels, integrating the airport into the local economy and reducing the environmental footprint of airport development projects.

There are also four goals under the heading of developing with local communities and stakeholders. In this context, the signatories aim to contribute to the improvement of the living conditions of local communities, establish long-term trust-based relationships with stakeholders, share the benefits of airport operations with local communities and encourage the aviation community to create the highest benefit in cooperation.

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