Sinovac Builds Second Production Line for CoronaVac Vaccine

sinovac establishes second production line for coronavac vaccine
sinovac establishes second production line for coronavac vaccine

It has been reported that the Chinese-based vaccine company Sinovac will increase the production of the inactive Covid-19 vaccine developed. Sinovac Biotech Board of Directors President and CEO Yin Weidong, in an interview with China's official Xinhua news agency said, "Sinovac, Brazil, Indonesia, Turkey, Chile and other vaccines received orders from some countries. "We are doing our best to increase our production capacity."

Pointing out that the company has set up a second production line, Yin said that the company's annual vaccine production capacity will reach 1 billion doses when the line is operational by February. Yin expressed that they will contribute to increase production capacity by exporting 'semi-finished' vaccines to some countries and helping to build local filling and packaging lines in these countries.

"It is normal to have different results from clinical trials"

Sinovac Biotech CEO Yin stated that, according to the results from clinical trials, CoronaVac has a high rate of effectiveness and provides broad-scale protection against different strains of the coronavirus. The third phase of clinical trials of the vaccine, mainly Brazil, Indonesia and Turkey held in reminding Yin, "based on data from clinical trials in three countries, we are confident that the vaccine is safe and effective in full," he said.

So the vaccine in clinical trials in Turkey 91,25, the vaccine is in clinical trials in Indonesia, 65,3 percent effective is shown pointing Yin, 100 percent in the vaccine severe cases, according to experiments in Brazil, in the middle cases 78 percent is effective, the overall effectiveness He said that the rate was announced as 50,38 percent.

“It is normal to get various results from different countries. "Clinical trials are affected by many factors," he said. Yin also noted that the participants of the third stage clinical trials in Brazil were all medical staff working in high-risk environments, and that these people may have been attacked by the virus repeatedly.

"Effective against virus variant seen in England"

Yin Weidong stated that CoronaVac also provides effective protection against different types of coronavirus. Yin said, “As a result of the cooperation with the Animal Science Laboratory Institute of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, it was determined that the serum taken from the volunteers who had the Sinovac vaccine neutralized the variant of the coronavirus seen in England. "Studies continue on whether the vaccine provides protection against the virus variant in South Africa, and we will share the relevant results."

On the other hand, after Brazil and Indonesia, Chile also allowed the emergency use of the CoronaVac developed by Sinovac. Heriberto Garcia, Deputy Head of the Chilean Institute of Public Health, stated that they have achieved positive results regarding the production quality of the CoronaVac vaccine and said, "We approve an effective and safe vaccine for the community."

Source: China International Radio

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