The First Event of 2021 Begins in Paramania

first activity in paramanya
first activity in paramanya

Turkey Paramany of the most popular strategy games, say hello to the new year with good efficiency from each other.

Paramania adds events and rewards to the game with the new update, allowing players to become powerful characters. kazanprovides the cost. Again, 2 powerful S+ characters are added to the game. All players have to do is collect A Event Card I/II/III/IV cards and exchange them for S+ Demeter or S+ Pocahontas. For cards obtained during the event period, 300 diamonds are also available. kazanwill be able to. The event will start on January 8th and continue until February 5th at 10:59 pm.

Rewards are added to the game with the new update

All players who finish the game with Ranked Victory, Color Victory and Tourist Victory between January 8 – January 22 kazanwill ache. Between January 22 and February 5, the events will be active again and 5 Premium Card Packages will be distributed again. Game with victories kazanThe number of Game/Play Events will increase and the rewards will increase as well as the rewards. The rewards of this event, which ranges from 3 times to 10 games a day, are as follows;

  • 3 Games / Play: 3-Pack Premium Cards
  • 5 Games / Play: 5 Diamonds
  • 10 Games / Play: Legendary Cube

Players who want to enjoy the secret Gold Event on the map will also be waiting for the Secret Gold Event every Wednesday between January 8 and February 5 at 22:30 - 00:30.

Space Travel opens

Space Travel, one of the favorite activities of the players, opens with this update. In Space Travel mode, players will be able to choose any planet from the map and move forward and try to explore all the planets to get the big prize. Players who are not lucky enough will be able to take advantage of consolation rewards that will help them grow stronger.

1 diamond cube for every player who logs into the game!

Paramanya, which does not want to leave its players without diamonds, gives 8 Diamond Cube as a login reward to everyone who enters the game between January 5 - February 1. In addition, special gifts are waiting for players in many Diamond Packs in the Paramanya Shop.

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