Minister Selçuk Visited the First Babies of the New Year

minister selcuk visits the first babies of the new year
minister selcuk visits the first babies of the new year

Zehra Zümrüt Selçuk, Minister of Family, Labor and Social Services, visited the new year's first babies born in Ankara at the hospital.

Selçuk, who visited mother Nurselin Güler Yavaş, who gave birth to her second child with normal birth at Ankara City Hospital, wished her baby girl Elisa Azra, who was born 00.01 kilograms and 3 grams at 510, to have a long life, to have a good luck and to grow healthily.

Elisa Azra, who loves the baby, with the mother by keeping the social distance sohbet Selçuk who celebrated the new year of the family and wished Yavaş family to be able to take their third babies in the future.

Minister Selçuk then visited Tevriz Kesekler, the mother of baby boy Miraç, who opened his eyes to the world with a normal birth of 00.05 kilograms and 3 grams at 740.

Congratulating the family for their fourth child, Selçuk expressed that babies are a new hope in the new year.

Minister Selçuk celebrated the New Year of all citizens at the end of his visit and said, “I wish everyone a healthy, peaceful and happy year with their families and loved ones. I hope this epidemic process will pass, we will have our vaccinations and then we can have our old meetings. It is important that we pay attention to social distance again this year. " used the expression.

Minister Selçuk put gold on the first babies of the new year during his visits.

"Baby, Bring Hope For The Year 2021"

Nurselin Güler Yavaş, a mother who is happy to have her baby in her arms, said, “It is a very nice feeling. I have a son, I have a daughter for the first time, I am happy, ”he said. Emphasizing that midwives and doctors are very interested in them in the hospital, Yavaş said, “I hope my baby will bring hope for 2021. Let the coronavirus move away from our country, from the world. "May the new year bring health to the whole world."

Stating that the name “Elisa” she gave to her baby is the name of the angel waiting at the door of heaven, Anne Yavaş also thanked Minister Zehra Zümrüt Selçuk for her visit.

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