Forum Interchange Construction Works Are Continuing At Full Speed

Forum floor intersection construction works continue at full speed
Forum floor intersection construction works continue at full speed

The day is counted for the opening of the Forum Interchange, where the works continue day and night and the construction is coming to an end.

Project length 712 meters

With a total project length of 712 meters and ongoing construction at the intersection of Hüseyin Okan Merzeci Boulevard in Yenişehir district and 20th Street, the Multi-Storey Crossroad Project is being built as an underpass in the East-West direction. Within the scope of the project, 100% of the body excavation and bored pile construction has been completed. Within the scope of the project infrastructure works, 732 meters of Ø600 steel drinking water pipe, 638 meters of Ø500 steel drinking water pipe, 403 meters of Ø160 HDPE drinking water pipe, 358 meters of Ø600 HDPE (corrugated) sewer pipe, 220 meters of Ø400 straight rainwater pipes are laid, their displacement is complete.

In the project, while the production of a total of 8 bored piles with a length of 14 thousand 417 meters, 21 promotion bored piles, 28 retaining walls and 36 head beams has been completed, all 78 prefabricated beams are placed by the teams.

In addition, 729 of the 641 facade panel production and 309 of the assembly were completed, and the heel concrete targeted as 881,25 MT was also poured. 78 precast beams will be used in the closed area of ​​the project. The total length of the bridge will be 65 meters and its width will be 18 meters. 9 thousand 580 cubic meters of concrete, 1800 tons of iron and 20 thousand tons of hot asphalt will be used in the project.

For the intersection, which is planned to be completed within 100 days from its construction, a more modern appearance will be obtained with the embossed visual concrete facade panels that have not been tried in the previous intersections built by the Metropolitan Municipality.

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