Payment by Link Facilitates the Collection Process of Companies

facilitates the collection processes of paying companies with the link
facilitates the collection processes of paying companies with the link

Online Payment System "Netahsilat" In Turkey, thousands of the company's dealers, customers of the sub dealers or distributors of the collections from customers "online" allows to be made in the credit and debit cards in a safe manner.

The "Netahsilat" system, which is a platform where thousands of main and sub-dealer companies from all sectors manage the collection processes, leads the sector and regulates the cash flows of the companies with its rich features and user-friendly panels. “Netahsilat” provides companies with a secure payment infrastructure.

Refik Sarıtepe, General Manager of Eçözüm Information Technologies, said, “With the introduction of the pandemic in our lives, contact in all areas has been minimized in order to provide maximum protection. In this period when many things in our lives are transferred to online channels, shopping takes place in a “contactless” manner in order to minimize contact. During the pandemic period, the most needed payment option was "remote" and "contactless" payment with "link" in order for companies to control their cash flows, not to interrupt their collection processes and to ensure continuity of production and service. Companies can send payment links to their dealers and customers with Netahsilat. When the customers click on the incoming payment link, the payment screen of the company opens online and the customer can enter their credit card information on this screen and make the payment safely with "3d secure". The sectors that use the link payment feature the most are the service sector, education sector, tourism and food sectors. It took its place among the frequently preferred payment options in other sectors during the pandemic period. In 2020, the collection volume realized through the Netahsilat ecosystem was 36,5 Billion TL. The volume of collections achieved through the Netahsilat system, with “Collection via Link”, increased by 40 percent compared to the previous year ”.


The main features of Netahsilat, which can be integrated into all banks within minutes, can be listed as remote collection via SMS and E-mail, foreign currency collection, periodic and automatic collection, mobile collection, IVR collection, ERP / accounting integration. Companies using the Netahsilat system complete their collections online safely and quickly with the "3d secure" feature.

Currently, over 80 main companies and thousands of sub-dealers actively use the Netahsilat system, which has a share of over 1.800 percent in the online collection sector.

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