Contribution to the Country's Economy with the Clearing System that Makes the Life of Pharmacists Easier

Contribution to the national economy with the clearing system that facilitates the life of pharmacists
Contribution to the national economy with the clearing system that facilitates the life of pharmacists

Novadan, which facilitates the life of pharmacists, has brought a new dimension to healthcare products shopping thanks to its artificial intelligence technology. Novadan, which enables pharmacists to carry out all business processes from the platform using artificial intelligence, offers the advantage of safe, fast and easy shopping with artificial intelligence technology. With the payment system approved by the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency (BRSA), Novadan, where pharmacists can easily access any product they need, is the new address for reliable shopping.

Innovative exchange system

In Novadan, pharmacies have a clearing system for high-stocks with nearing expiry dates. In this way, Novadan aims to protect both the national income, the environment and the investment made. The system, which was developed to benefit from the products waiting in stocks, enables the products that are approaching their expiry date to be evaluated by exchanging them with the products in the same condition in other pharmacies.

Citizen does not expect products

Drawing attention to the innovative approach they offer in the pharmacy sector and the educational opportunities they offer, Novadan Founding Partner Pharmacist Metin Kökçü said, “Efficient use of time in the health sector is vital. With the same-day delivery option in Istanbul, we ensure that urgent needs are met immediately and products meet citizens. With Novadan, which saves pharmacists speed and time in their business processes, it is possible to easily access health products that may be needed during the pandemic period. " gave the information.

Education support is also available

Supported by artificial intelligence, Novadan, which facilitates the work of pharmacists, also provides training, analysis and development modules for the development of pharmacists and pharmacy employees. Novadan offers the opportunity to receive training with its system that earns points as you use it. With the points earned through the platform, up-to-date information about pharmacy is available, and the opportunity to participate in trainings is provided. The development of pharmacists and pharmacy staff is supported by exams and analyzes after the trainings received by collecting points.

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