Bursa Automobile Test Center Was Not Included In The Investment Program

Bursa automobile test center not included in investment program
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İYİ Party Provincial Chairman Selçuk Türkoğlu reacted that the Automobile Test Center, which was claimed to be built in Yenişehir, was not included in the investment program this year. Türkoğlu said, “In the budget, 448 million 600 thousand TL was allocated to the palaces including the summer and winter. So there is money for this, not for Bursa, right? Shame on you ”he said.

Reminding that they, as the IYI Party Bursa Organization, recently carried out an action in the area allocated for the Automotive Test Center in Yenişehir, Türkoğlu said, “We learned that it was not included in the 2021 investment program of the TBMM Plan and Budget Commission. The name of this is literally an investment scandal and officially mocking the people of Bursa, ”he said.

Türkoğlu's statement is as follows: “The promise to build the Automobile Test Center in Yenişehir was given exactly 7 years ago. To both Bursa, Yenişehir and our country, kazanThe fact that the Test Center, which will bring new developments, is not included in the 2021 investment program, is to make fun of Bursa and the people of Bursa.


Failure to keep the promise given to Bursa and Yenişehir on behalf of the state has been a proof that this city is in complete desolation. For what reason was this investment, which was planned in 2014, the decision was published in the official newspaper numbered 7040, and the expropriation of which was completed in 2015, was not included in the program? AKP has 10 deputies in this city, what do these friends do in Ankara and how will they look at the faces of the citizens when they come to Bursa or go to Yenişehir? However, in the same budget, an additional appropriation of 448 million 600 thousand TL was allocated to the summer palace in Marmaris built for the Presidency, the winter palace in Ahlat and other ongoing projects. In other words, there is room for millions of liras for palaces in the budget, there is not a single penny for the Automobile Test Center investment, which is a lifeline that will save this country from foreign dependency, is it?


People of Bursa will never forgive this deception, you know. Because your lies went down in history chronologically exactly as follows. At the end of 2015, when the expropriation took place, you announced that the foundation would be laid, your word remained in the air. You made a promise again by signing a protocol between the Turkish Standards Institute (TSE) and the Defense Industry Support Fund on December 2, 2017 for your planned investment near Çardak Mahallesi in Yenişehir. That word of yours also flew away. In fact, at the signing ceremony held with the participation of the then Deputy Prime Minister Hakan Çavuşoğlu and the Minister of Science, Industry and Technology, Faruk Özlü, you announced this news to the public as 'Great Good News to Bursa and Yenişehir'. However, the great good news became the big lie. Did you not finish praising that there will be 13 tracks and 7 laboratories at the Automotive Test Center, which is of greater importance for Yenişehir as soon as the domestic automobile factory starts to be built in Gemlik? Moreover, you were telling that TUBITAK was also included in the project as well as TSE and Undersecretariat of Defense Industry? They all turned into balloons and burst.


Cars produced in Turkey and abroad, especially in Gemlik, and military vehicles produced for the defense industry will be tested in Yenişehir, and in this way, millions of liras of foreign currency will be transferred to our country every year. kazanYou were saying, as if boastfully, that you were going to get fired?

Test center first in Turkey and in the world 7th has emphasized that it would also Auto Test Center, Akdeniz within the borders of 4300 acres of land in the field of integration, expropriation such issues as eliminating, you make the land ready for investment also told to tell the finish were not. So what happened now? Do you have an answer to the people of Yenişehir and Bursa? Do you know what it means to fail to fulfill a promise given to a city on behalf of the state? Which of you will account for this abandonment to Bursa; We are waiting for you! Unfortunately, the hopes of Bursa have been stolen once again and this event has taken its place in the history of the city as the 'Investment Scandal in Yenişehir'. As the IYI Party Bursa Organization, we will never forget this injustice to Bursa and especially this disrespect for Yenişehir, we will never forget it. "

Source: Republic

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