China Will Use All Possibilities To Prevent The Spread Of The Pandemic

The genie will use all possibilities to prevent the spread of the epidemic
The genie will use all possibilities to prevent the spread of the epidemic

Ma Xiaowei, Chairman of the Chinese National Health Commission, announced that they will use all means to prevent the new coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak.

Ma Xiaowei gave a speech at the meeting on the prevention and control of the epidemic in Hebei province, held via video conference the previous day.

Pointing out that the urgency of preventing and controlling the epidemic should be understood and an emergency response procedure should be initiated, Ma Xiaowei stated that all facilities will be used to prevent the spread of the epidemic in Hebei province.

Ma Xiaowei called for assurance of the quality of nucleic acid tests, rapid quarantine of sources of infection, and disclosure of the chain of infection as soon as possible.

Chairman of the Commission Ma also underlined the need to achieve the goal of "zero infection" in hospitals with determination.

As of January 7, the Hebei local government has sent 3 medical personnel from other cities in the state to Shijiazhuang to help fight the epidemic in Shijiazhuang, the center of Hebei province.

Cases have recently started to increase again in the city of Shijiazhuang, 300 kilometers from the capital Beijing. For this reason, large-scale nucleic acid tests were initiated, covering all of the city residents. So far, 10 million 250 thousand people have been tested. 354 of the tests gave positive results. It was reported that 87 percent of those who tested positive were in the Gaocheng district of Shijiazhuang.

It is stated that the epidemic situation in Shijiazhuang is still serious.

Source: China International Radio

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