The Age of ALKA-Directed Energy Weapon Systems Begins at Emniyet

The era of energy weapon systems directed with alka in safety begins
The era of energy weapon systems directed with alka in safety begins

The last official statement regarding ALKA directed energy weapon systems was made by the Presidency of the Republic of Turkey for Defense Industries. The Presidency made statements about the systems that are planned to be delivered to the security forces in 2021 in the "Turkish Defense Industry 2021 Goals" post on the social media account Twitter. In the transfer, it was stated that “Laser Weapon System project will be initiated for EGM”. In the said transfer, ALKA Directed Energy Weapon System developed by ROKETSAN was used.

ALKA Directed Energy Weapon System (YESS); Mini / micro unmanned aerial vehicles that can carry various useful loads (camera, explosive, etc.), which are equipped with navigational features with different guidance solutions ( UAV) and drones and mini / micro UAVs and drone herds in a safe range to stop or destroy them.

System Features

  • Automatic Direction to the Target Detected by the Radar
  • Automatic Target Detection and Tracking on Image with Artificial Intelligence (Minimum False Alarm / Warning Ability)
  • Stand Alone Use Without Radar
  • Electromagnetic Jamming System: 4.000 m
  • Effective Laser Destruction Range 500 m
  • Effective Destruction Range with Electromagnetic Destruction System 1.000 m
  • Prevention Independent of Target Number in Herd Attacks
  • Precise Selection of the Area to be Destructed on the Target
  • High Speed ​​Target Tracking and Destruction (150 km / hour)
  • High Precision Target Tracking (1.000 mm Sensitivity at 8 m Distance)
  • Multiple Target Tracking
  • Day and Night Duty
  • Can be used as a Surveillance System
  • Reducing the Operational Burden on the User with the Application of Neuroergonomy
  • Low Cost of Shot
  • Ability to Shoot Quickly

Usage areas

  • Residential Area Operations (Against IEDs and Bomb Traps)
  • Protection of Military Units
  • Protection of Public Buildings
  • Protection of Airports
  • Protection of Public Living Spaces
  • Protection of Technological Production Facilities
  • Protection of Energy Production Facilities
  • Protection of VIP Personnel
  • Protection of Other Facilities with Psychological Importance

Mobile Use

  • Ability to Work Integrated on 4 × 4 Vehicle
  • In-Vehicle Command
  • Internal Power Supply
  • Modular Structure
  • Transfer to the Desired Area
  • Use with Two Staff

Fixed Installation

  • Tower or Cabin Layout According to Defense Area
  • Command from Command Center
  • Current Fixed Power Line Use in the Facility
  • Use with One Person

Source: defenceturk

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