Nuts Ban on Üsküdar Beach Has Great Support

The ban on shellfish on the beach saw great support
The ban on shellfish on the beach saw great support

The research carried out by the Protect Your Waste Foundation in cooperation with Aksoy Research on the Üsküdar coast has revealed striking results regarding the nut ban imposed by Üsküdar Municipality.

The research carried out in collaboration with Aksoy Research by the Own Your Garbage Foundation, which aims to transform the behavior in reducing and disposing of garbage to the right place, revealed the positive approach of the citizen to the nut ban applied by Üsküdar Municipality between Küçüksu and Harem.

In the survey conducted face-to-face by pollsters in Üsküdar Square, Salacak and Paşalimanı beaches, 5 questions were asked to residents of Üsküdar and other citizens who were spending the weekend at the beach. A total of 6 people participated in the survey study conducted by 402 professional pollsters in two days. It was observed that the participants, 63% of whom were Üsküdar residents, generally supported the application.

Punishment practices give positive results when explained correctly

Giving information about the results of the study, Emrah Bilge, General Manager of the Foundation of Protect Your Garbage, said: “The results of our research reveal that the reasons of punishment practices that may be perceived negatively are explained to the public correctly”. Emrah Bilge emphasized that the most important thing is the widespread habit of obeying the rule without the need to apply the punishment at all, and said, “Although punishment practices are a deterrent at the beginning, they will ensure that the correct behavior is established over time and in fact, there is no need for punishment. Emrah Bilge also added that according to the results of the research, it was observed that following the penalty application, municipal cleaning works on the coastline between Harem and Küçüksu became easier and a cleaner environment was provided.

74% of those on the beach think the penalty practice in the region is effective

The results of the research reveal that 71% of those who spend time on the beach are aware of the penalty application, and 74% of the citizens find it appropriate. In this application the most striking results of the survey accounted for 96% of citizens do not want Turkey to be expanded across. Before the application of the research results Istanbul, Turkey then drawing a promising and shows across the table for the dissemination of community support can be taken.

What does the penalty application cover?

Üsküdar Municipality Cleaning Affairs Directorate has banned eating nuts to keep the coastline between Harem and Küçüksu, which is frequently visited by citizens, in July 2020. For this reason, Üsküdar Municipality has started to apply the environmental pollution penalty, which is included in Article 41 of the Law on Misdemeanors and which is 2020 TL in 61, to those who pollute the environment by eating nuts. Municipality officials informed that the application has a significant contribution to the cleanliness of the beach.

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