Attention to MIS-C Disease in Children with Covid-19

Attention to mis c disease in children with covid
Attention to mis c disease in children with covid

In children exposed to Sars CoV-2 virus, MIS-C, in other words "multisystem inflammatory syndrome", can be seen due to the virus triggering the immune system.

Anadolu Sağlık pointed out that the fact that some children had Covid-19 infection without any symptoms, in other words, "asymptomatic" or because the family members were not tested due to the mild symptoms of the infected child, did not mean that the child would not have MIS-C. Center Pediatric Infectious Diseases Specialist Dr. “MIS-C is an important disease that needs to be treated quickly by making a definitive diagnosis as a result of some tests at the hospital. This disease may impair heart functions by causing problems in the coronary vessels that provide circulation of the heart. For this reason, it is very important to perform multidisciplinary follow-up and arrange the necessary treatments by more than one department such as pediatric health and diseases, pediatric infectious diseases and pediatric cardiology, ”he said.

Stating that MIS-C disease may also develop in children who are not tested or who do not have a known Covid-19 diagnosis, Anadolu Health Center Pediatric Infectious Diseases Specialist Dr. Serkan Atıcı said, “It is very important to question the contact story here. "In children, contact with all kinds of Covid-19 patients, especially in the home, is a risk, and antibody tests that give information about their previous infection with the virus should be studied in these patients."

MIS-C does not occur in every child with Covid-19

Emphasizing that those who have Covid-19 with silent or very mild complaints, usually after 2-4 weeks (this period may vary depending on the patient), can be diagnosed with MIS-C by applying to the health institution with very serious symptoms. Serkan Aıtı said, “This disease does not occur in every child who has COVID-19, there are many unknown factors, especially epigenetic factors, in which child it will develop. What is known is that this virus triggers the factors in the formation of the disease, in other words, it pulls the starting pin of the event, although it does not cause the disease itself. "Unlike COVID-19, it is not an infectious disease."

Pay attention to the symptoms of the disease

Stating that although this disease is rare, it is a serious condition that it is important to know the findings well for families to assist physicians. Serkan Aıtı, in the case of some of the following symptoms, especially resistant fever, in people with a previous (usually 2-4 weeks ago) or recent Covid-19 infection or a history of contact with a Covid-19 infected person, this disease is suspected and stated that the organization should be contacted:

  • Most importantly, the presence of resistant fever above 24 degrees for more than 38 hours,
  • Symptoms related to the gastrointestinal system such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain,
  • The presence of rashes in the body,
  • Redness without burring in the eyes, presence of blood (conjunctivitis),
  • Involvement of mucous membranes (chapped lips, red-cracked tongue, etc.)
  • Headache,
  • Respiratory problems (rapid breathing, difficulty breathing),
  • Muscle and joint pains,
  • Skin peeling, especially on the skin of hands and feet.
  • MIS-C is a curable disease

Stating that MIS-C is a treatable disease, Dr. Serkan Atıcı said, “This disease, which does not cause permanent damage when treated well, may cause serious health problems, especially coronary vessels, in untreated people. These patients should be followed up by departments such as pediatric cardiology and pediatric infectious diseases, both during the diagnosis and treatment phase and in the post-treatment period ”.

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