Bolu People Spent The Most Transportation

bolu people spent the most money
bolu people spent the most money

Bolu People Spent Most Money on Transportation; Turkey Statistical Institute, according to data released by the Istanbul Regional Directorate, households spent the most money in Bolu transportation.

Turkey Statistical Institute data released by the Istanbul Regional Directorate, the Household Budget Survey 2016, according to the combined results of the data of the 2017 and 2018 years; housing and rent, food and non-alcoholic beverages and transportation expenditures were the major part of total consumption expenditures. TR29,5 is the region which has the highest share in housing and rent expenditures with 1 rate, while TRA Northeast Anatolia Region is the region with the lowest share with 21,4%.

Turkey Statistical Institute Kocaeli by region described Directorate data according to the Household Budget Survey 2018 results TR42 (Kocaeli, Sakarya, Düzce, Bolu, Yalova) Area highest share devoted to transportation spending with 21,1%. Housing and rent with 20,9%, Food and soft drinks with 18,7%, Furniture, household appliances and maintenance services with% 7,3,% 6,0 Restaurants and hotels with% 5,6,% 3,9 with% 3,5 Alcoholic beverages, cigarettes and tobacco, Communication with 3,0%, Entertainment and Culture with 2,3%, Health with XNUMX%.

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