EGO General Manager Alkaş Visits to Psycho-Technical Center

ego general manager visit to psycho technical center
ego general manager visit to psycho technical center

EGO General Manager Alkaş Visits to Psycho-Technical Center EGO General Manager Nihat Alkaş is the Head of Bus Management Department where bus drivers are trained and psycho-technical evaluation tests are applied. Regional Branch Directorate visited.

During the meetings held within the scope of the region visits, Alkaş stated that Psycho-Technical Center is an important function in the mission of being the institution that brings Ankara people to life in peace and security.

Psycho-Technical Center officials, General Manager Nihat Alkas said they were very happy with the visit, gave information about their work. The trainings given to transportation personnel aimed to increase public transport service standards and aimed to improve the cognitive and psycho-motor skills and skills of the drivers before they started to work with the technological methods to control the authorities, the driver's response to severe traumatic events examined by individual psychologists said.

In addition to the psycho-technical evaluation tests applied to the drivers, the authorities also control the psycho-motor skills and skills of the perception, attention, memory, reasoning, reaction speed, eye, hand and foot coordination with the training and tests conducted with the simulator at international standards. he said.

Again, in the tests; Attitude-behavior, habits and personality traits, risk taking, aggression, responsibility and self-controls are measured, adding that the authorities, psychologists after the test and examination of the report, prepared a report on the suitability of their professional competence.

Alkaş thanked the authorities and all regional employees for their explanations and congratulated Ferhat Çal, who won the first 91 score in the promotion exam held in the organization and wished the success to be achieved.

During this visit, Alkaş was accompanied by Mustafa Geyikçi, Head of the Bus Management Department.


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