Kütahya Tile Festival at Alsancak Station

alsancak garda kutahya gin festival
alsancak garda kutahya gin festival

Kütahya Tile Festival at Alsancak Station; Within the scope of ESCO Craft and Folk Art ında in the network of UNESCO creative cities, Kütahya Tile Festival was held at Alsancak Station in İzmir.

With this event, the history, culture and art of Kütahya were introduced. Tiles, ceramics, needle lace, calligraphy, marbling and other handicrafts were introduced at the festival. Kütahya's local wire coffeehouse, embroidery works, visual shows in which traditional clothes with tile patterns were removed from the dowry chest and the shows of the wheel masters transforming raw mud into ceramic vase took part in the event.

Kütahya Deputy Ahmet ERBAŞ, İzmir Deputy Governor Osman Nuri CANATAN, Kütahya Deputy Governor Ali BEZİRGAN, Kütahya Deputy Mayor Salih ÖZDEN, Kütahya Chamber of Commerce President Hasan ÖNCEL, TCDD 3. Regional Director Selim KOÇBAY, Deputy Regional Director, Service Managers, staff and many citizens attended.

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