Two Wheels to Anchor at Erciyes Moto Fest

two-wheelers erciyes moto fest will anchor
two-wheelers erciyes moto fest will anchor

Erciyes Motorcycle Festival, which has become a tradition, will be held in Tekir Plateau at 29 meters between 1 August and 2.200 September. Kurtalan Express will also take the stage at the event where many events will take place.

Erciyes in Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality, Inc. pioneered by volunteers and motorcycle clubs in Kayseri Erciyes Moto Fest will be held again this year for the second time at the summit will bring together motorcycle enthusiasts from around the Turkey.

29, 30, 31 The motorcycle festival, which will take place in the tent camp area of ​​Tekir Plateau on the 1 thousand 2 meters of Mount Erciyes, will start on August - 200 September. The event, which will last for four days, will host concerts of different groups, competitions, acrobatics shows and many entertainment every evening. Last year, thousands of participants also welcomed the organization of motorcyclists who come from all provinces will meet with Turkey's history and nature tours Kayseri. 30 August Victory Day will be held in the evening because of the Lantern Regiment driving.

Turkey's oldest rock bands situated between Anatolia Kurtalan Express also take the stage on Saturday August 31. On the third day of the festival, a city cortege will be held with the participation of hundreds of motorcyclists. The tour, which will start in Erciyes, will extend from the city center to Talas and end again in Erciyes. In addition, various gifts will be distributed to the participants with the raffles to be held during the event.

Erciyes Inc. made a statement about the festival. Chairman of the Board Dr.Murat Cahid Cıngı said: “Our Erciyes Mountain hosts all kinds of international and national activities in summer as well as in winter. Erciyes Moto Fest is one of them. This festival, which we have made traditional, is organized every year in the last week of August. Our activity last year saw a lot of demand; motorcycle enthusiasts from all over our country drove two wheels to Erciyes. This year we completed our preparations for the participants from outside the city to see our mountain and get to know the opportunities there. We hope that we will have another festival which will last for four days and the participants will be happy. Volunteer motorcycle clubs in Kayseri are working hard and we are making every effort to make an exemplary organization. We invite the motorcycle enthusiasts in our city to Erciyes for four days to see the very different and crazy engines up close and live the festival evenings. ”

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