The future of ski sport was handled in Hacılar

The future of ski sports were discussed in Hacilar: Turkey Ski Federation Deputy Chairman Fatih Chopper and board members came to Kayseri. Kıyıcı Kıyıcı, met with representatives of the skiing sports clubs in Kayseri and Hacılar Municipality Keklik Tepesi Facilities.

Turkey Ski Federation Deputy Chairman Fatih Chopper, came to Kayseri to find survivors of the ski season and the club assessment of their needs and wishes. The meeting, which was hosted by the Hacılar Municipality, was held at the Keklik Hill Facilities. The meeting was attended by Hacılar Mayor Doğan Ekici, Provincial Director of Youth Services and Sports Murat Eskici, Erciyes Inc. Chairman Murat Cahid Cıngı and club directors and ski federation delegates. The opening speech of the meeting where the future of ski sports in Kayseri was held was made by Murat Eskici, Provincial Director of Youth Services and Sports. Turkey Olympic Preparation Center will be voicing their support to the sport of Eskici words continued as follows; Di Ski season ended. Despite this, unity and solidarity continue in the winter. Easy to handle individual branches. In our province, the duration of the ski season is minimal. You have a big task in a short time. Winter was studied. We didn't achieve much success in sports, but we are in good condition as Kayseri. Sport

Erciyes Inc. Chairman of the Board of Directors Murat Cahid Cıngı Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality to make a world-class ski resort Erciyes has made very serious investments, stating that Erciyes A.Ş. said that they are working to operate all activities carried out on Mount Erciyes and they have been serving to a certain standard and quality so far.

Pointing out that there is no age of ski sport, Hacılar Mayor Doğan Ekici said that Erciyes Mountain is the face flux of Kayseri and it is a great advantage. President Ekici, in terms of the town of Hacılar Erciyes has a very important place, in this sense to provide all kinds of support for skiing sports, he said.

Turkey Ski Federation Deputy Chairman Fatih Chopper said, "In the morning we came to Kayseri and were first discovered in the provinces visited our office. Then we had an interview with club presidents and now we are here. We have seen our shortcomings and will make more effort in the next season. We talked to people who didn't have a chance to interview. We exchanged ideas that are very valuable for us. Hopefully in the new season together we will perform more beautiful works birlikte he said.

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