Signalization Work Will Be Made in Bursaray: Flights Between Beginners and Şehreküstü Will End at 23.10!


📩 27/08/2019 10:51

60-26-26-28 Within the scope of works that will increase the capacity of 30 in Bursaray, metro flights between Acemler-Şehreküstü stations will end at 23.10 on August.

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, the existing rail system for the capacity increase in the scope of the signal optimization efforts initiated in the scope of the statement came.

In a statement made by BURULAŞ General Directorate, “26-26-28-30 On August 2019, BursaRay operation will be terminated between Acemler-Şehreküstü stations between Acemler-Şehreküstü stations due to the continuation of signaling works that will increase 60 percent of passenger capacity and decrease waiting time.

Operation between the closed stations will be done by bus transfer. Passengers coming from Emek / University stations at Acemler Station and passengers coming from Kestel / Arabayatağı station can make free transfer to the bus at Şehreküstü Station. Thank you for their understanding. ”


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