TEM Motorway Fused Tolls Opened 4.5 Months Later

welded highway wear was opened after months
welded highway wear was opened after months

Düzce closed TEM motorway connection Kaynaşlı Motorway toll booths after the completion of the work was opened to citizens in the evening hours yesterday.

Connection junction and bridge works carried out by the Highways in the Connection of Kaynaşlı TEM Motorway have been completed. 15 March Kaynaşlı Motorway tolls, which were closed down due to the works started on 2019, were completed after the works and opened approximately 4,5 months later. In the written statement made by the Duzce Governorship, “D-100 / 11 State Highway 33 + 500 Kaynaşlı Motorway Connection Junction has been carried out by the Regional Directorate of Highways for 15 March 2019, 2 is completed on 2019 D21.00 Highway Fused Motorway Tolls entrance-exit connections have been opened for the service of our citizens. it

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