Smart road application contract between Aselsan and KGM

Smart road application contract between Aselsan and KGM contract: Aselsan and General Directorate of Highways signed a contract of 18,7 million TL.
The first batı smart road ze application on the motorways will take place between the western junctions of Gebze-İzmit.
In a statement from ASELSAN, most traffic accidents are happening on the road in the west of Gebze and Izmit 40 kilometers long between junctions in Turkey. According to the data of last year, the Gebze-İzmit section of the TEM Motorway attracts attention as the vehicle segment with the average daily 25 thousand vehicles passing through the 70 bini heavy vehicle and the most intersection of vehicle traffic after the Bosphorus bridges.
ASELSAN started work on the limit Gebze-İzmit West Intersection Traffic Management System Facility Project ve with this traffic on the road, in order to ensure the safe flow of traffic to keep the drivers informed about the weather and road condition, automatic regulation of speed limits according to the intensity and drivers who do not comply with the rules it is aimed to provide punishment with smart systems.
Thanks to the acak smart road ilm, the most convenient and comfortable way of driving the road will prevent accidents.
The explanation from Aselsan to KAP is as follows: GENEL GENERAL DIRECTORATE OF HIGHWAYS WITH ASELSAN Istanbul 1. . Construction of the Traffic Management System at Izmit West Junction between Gebze Junction and O-1 Motorway at the Directorate of Highways 4. Directorate of Highways ı will start following the delivery of the place. The amount of the contract is 18.745.789 TL and this statement is made on the basis of 8 dated 2014 on ASMRX.

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