TCDD 103 Thousand Lira Compensation Case

aviation schedules and aviation price schedules
aviation schedules and aviation price schedules

13 December 2018, a high-speed train that makes its way to Ankara, Ankara, Ankara, Turkey.

9 people were killed and 86 people were injured in a train accident, Dr. Abdurrahman Yurtaslan Oncology and Research Hospital indicating that the treatment received Cetin, ongoing treatment due to injury and material, moral losses, TCDD'ye opened a lawsuit for compensation. In his petition to the court, Turan Berk Çetin's lawyer stating that there was no signaling at the marsandiz station where the accident took place, stating that this was a severe defect and that Turan Berk Çetin could not work for a long time after the accident demanded the management of the damages from the TCDD management.

Turan Berk Çetin's lawyer, 3 thousand 262 pounds financially and 100 thousand pounds for the damages suffered 103 thousand 262 pounds compensation, including the defendant asked for the collection.



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