Accident at the Level Crossing in Türkoğlu, 5 Injured

turkogluda level crossing accident injured
turkogluda level crossing accident injured

5 people were injured as a result of the train hit the car at the level crossing in Türkoğlu district of Kahramanmaraş.

According to information obtained, the Adana-Elazig 63609 voyage number freight train, connected to the district of Kahramanmaras-Adana highway connected to the level crossing crossing, uncontrolled way into the direction of the Mehmet Xul 07 HHH 99 plate car hit the car.

In the accident, HO, C. O, S. O and MO were injured in the same family with the car driver. The citizens of the surrounding area to notify the accident from the fire brigade, health and gendarmerie teams removed from the vehicle by removing the wounded in the city's emergency service ambulances 112. It was stated that the condition of the wounded were taken to hospital.

The gendarmerie has launched an investigation into the incident.

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