Pamukkale Rally Powder Added Smoke


The excitement of Pamukkale Rally, which was organized with the cooperation of Denizli Governorship, Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, Pamukkale Municipality and Denizli Chamber of Commerce, started. 15 July The excitement started with the start in Delikliçınar Martyrs Square and continued with the special audience stage in Akvadi and Pamukkale. Mayor Osman Zolan and Mayor Avni Örki co-piloted the rally. The giant organization will be completed tomorrow with the Horoz and Hierapolis stages.


Governorship of Denizli, Denizli Municipality, Pamukkale Municipality and the support of Denizli Chamber of Commerce, Turkey Automobile Sports Federation and approval of the Aegean Automobile Sports Club, made by sports organizations began Pamukkale Rally. The symbolic start of the Pamukkale Rally, which was attended by very important drivers from across the country, was given at 15 July Delikliçınar Martyrs Square. AK Party Denizli deputies Şahin Tin and Nilgün Ök, Metropolitan Mayor Osman Zolan, Pamukkale Mayor Avni Örki, guests and many citizens attended the program. Speaking here, Mayor of Pamukkale Avni Örki stated that they support all kinds of sports and said, uz We are organizing such activities in order to introduce a value like Pamukkale to the world. Pamukkale Rally is one of the most important. Very important pilots of the country are coming here. Our aim is to increase the number of tourists coming to Denizli and Pamukkale through such activities. 2 will be the scene of adrenaline filled moments with Denizli Pamukkale Rally during the day. I would like to thank Denizli Governorship, Denizli Metropolitan Municipality and all our stakeholders for supporting us in this event. ”


Mayor of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Osman Zolan said, im I would like to thank Avni Örki, the Mayor of Pamukkale, and his team for their efforts in the Pamukkale Rally. Denizli is a city where domestic and foreign tourism alternatives increase. Those who will come to this city as tourists have many alternatives from Denizli Ski Center, Denizli Cable Car, Pamukkale to Karahayıt. Pamukkale is the locomotive of tourism. both the name and everything Pamukkale in Turkey will be held to announce to the world that we are ready to provide support. I would like to thank Avni Örki, the Mayor of Pamukkale, for performing this rally. I hope the rally will be completed without accident bel. After the speech, the start of the Pamukkale Rally with the participation of the 40 vehicle was given by the members of the protocol.


After the start of the rally vehicles, the program continued with a special audience stage in Akvadi. The Pamukkale Municipality and the Metropolitan Municipality organized various events on the Akvadi special audience stage of the Pamukkale Rally. The children had fun in the children's playgrounds set right next to the rally area. Face painting, rope pulling race, clown and Havicat-Karagöz show, along with various treats, smiled children's faces. In the same area Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Conservatory Turkish Folk Music Isil Koc, the citizens of music feast. The demonstrations of the vehicles participating in the Pamukkale Rally in Akvadi Park attracted great attention.


The excitement in Pamukkale Rally continued with the special stage of the audience in Pamukkale. In the specially prepared area at the entrance of Pamukkale South Gate, the drivers of the car showed off their talents and threw dust into the smoke. Denizli protocol showed great interest in this stage. Mayor Osman Zolan, Mayor of Pamukkale Avni Örki and President of Denizli Chamber of Commerce Uğur Erdoğan were the co-drivers of the rally vehicles in Pamukkale Special Stage and had adrenaline-filled moments. Colorful stage was followed by many rally lovers and tourists who came to the white paradise.


Pamukkale Rally will continue on Sunday. In the morning at 10.13, on the Hierapolis stage, the 40 car and driver will struggle to get the best time. The pilots who will be ranked in the excitement that will continue with the Cock stage and Pamukkale stages will receive their awards at a ceremony to be held at Kocacukur Facilities of Pamukkale Municipality. Pamukkale Rally, Pamukkale balloon and paragliding that can be watched as the first will be an event to be experienced.

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