Kindergarten Students Call for Sensitivity in İZBAN

kindergarten students call for sensitivity in izbanda
kindergarten students call for sensitivity in izbanda

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality İZELMAN Kindergarten students prepared their own visuals how they want a nature told the elders who travel in İZBAN.

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality İZELMAN Kindergarten students made a surprise to the passengers traveling with İZBAN and made a call to be sensitive to nature. Kindergarten students, Izmir 5 thousand hectares of ash in the area of ​​the cause of the fire for Izmir Mayor Tunç Soyer's 30 Efemçukuru Devedüzü location in August, supported the call to meet.

Six and five age group students participated in the event which was organized to raise social awareness. Children shared the stories they prepared with the theme of “tree love”, “environmental awareness” and “nature la with the passengers traveling in İZBAN and told them what kind of environment they wanted for them. with brochures.

They claim their future
IZELMAN six-year-old Kindergarten student Doga Erkec, "We prepare forests about the forests, let's preserve the forests, every seedling is a life we ​​wrote and 30 everyone expect to plant saplings in August," he said. EL As we have to protect the future of our children, we must instill this awareness to our children and raise their social awareness, İZ said İZELMAN General Manager Burak Alp Ersen, ile With this work conducted in our kindergartens within our company, both our students and their children will be able to raise their awareness of responsibility. campaign. destek

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