Online Agreement with Civil Servants Due to Corona Virus

contract with officers on the internet
contract with officers on the internet

İzmir Metropolitan and Tüm Bel-Sen made the collective agreement ceremony over the internet within the scope of corona virus measures.

The collective bargaining agreement negotiations between İzmir Metropolitan Municipality and All Bel-Sen affiliated to the Confederation of Public Workers' Unions (KESK) were concluded. The signing ceremony of the collective bargaining agreement concerning 5 thousand 763 civil servants was held online due to the coronavirus epidemic. Speaking at the signing ceremony, Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer referred to the campaign they started for the citizens in need of help and said, "We want you to join the campaign as the workers and employees of the Metropolitan Municipality and the pioneers of the solution of this crisis." With the contract covering one year, the civil servants kazanim achieved.

The collective bargaining agreement (TIS) negotiations between İzmir Metropolitan Municipality and the KESK-affiliated All Municipality and Local Administration Services Workers Union (Tüm Bel-Sen) İzmir Branch were completed. The signing ceremony of the contract, which covers approximately 1 officers, was held on the internet due to an outbreak of coronaviris, which threatened the world and caused the death of many people. Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer and Secretary General Buğra Gökçe communicated via the Internet with Tüm Bel-Sen No.5 Branch President Buse Engin and union managers. Tunç Soyer stated that he was very pleased with the positive results of the negotiations held until today.

Stating that their priorities are municipal employees from the beginning, Soyer said, “In this period that we define as Crisis Municipality, the locomotive and resolver of this crisis will be the employees of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality and İzmir Metropolitan Municipality. Therefore, you are our pupil, you are the locomotive. You have a lot of work. Our priority is to ensure that you work peacefully and protect Izmir. Therefore, I am very pleased that the work has come to this point. ”

Campaign Call for Officers from President Soyer

Stating that he had a request from the union administration, Tunç Soyer said, “We named this period 'Crisis Municipality'. 'Crisis Municipality' has a different dimension than the municipality we have done so far. It is to reveal the spirit of solidarity with İzmirli. We thought that we could only deal with this great disaster, in solidarity with this great epidemic. And that's why we launched a big campaign. Our aim in this campaign is to be a bridge from those who have power to those in need. We have undertaken a mission to act as a bridge between them and we try to do what is necessary. There is an avalanche-growing campaign in Izmir. We wanted to strengthen consciences and this sense of solidarity on this occasion. My request is from you; We want to participate in this campaign as the workers, employees and pioneers of the solution of this crisis. said.

The agreement they signed, Izmir and Soyer who wants to be an example to all municipalities in Turkey as a model for the spread of the wishes of the contract.

Union CLA KazanSatisfied with

Buse Engin, Head of all Bel-Sen Branch No. 1, said: “Thank you for signing this contract and taking the time for us while you are dealing with the effects of a global epidemic and working at a very intense pace, while thinking of the municipal workers. This process is a kazanIt ended with me. I would also like to thank you for thinking of the workers and signing this collective agreement under these difficult conditions.”

What's In The Collective Agreement?

According to the collective agreement covering one year, it was decided to pay the net 2019 TL social balance compensation paid to all civil servants and contracted officers in addition to the pensions they received in 1.600 as 2020 TL for 1.750. Again, a net 1 TL will be paid before May 750, Labor and Labor Day, a net 1.000 TL before the Eid al-Adha and a net 29 TL before the 750 October Republic Day. Male officers who have babies will be granted 5 days paid paternity leave.

New Officers Kazanbookmarks

Officers some new kazanalso achieved. Accordingly, it was decided to pay the civil servants a net 750 TL as fuel aid in December. In the contract, the article was accepted that the police would be given two days off per week in order to work more efficiently and effectively. It was also included in the contract to provide one day per month convenience to female civil servants during their menstrual period.

They Will Produce Services and Protect the Nature

According to the agreement, civil servants will be able to enter the fair free of charge by showing their personnel card at the Izmir International Fair. Likewise, first degree relatives (spouses and children) will be provided with ease. Food service will be provided to the staff working on shifts or at night. The employer will give priority to the hiring of the first degree relative in case of employee death. The last item in the contract is for the protection of nature. Accordingly, the municipal administration and its employees will base on maintaining the ecological balance in their services.

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