Denizli wins with triangle bridge junctions

ucgen coprulu junction with winnings 1
ucgen coprulu junction with winnings 1

With the opening of the Triangle Interchange at the main artery of Denizli's inner city and intercity traffic, millions of people remained in the pocket of Denizli. The triangle bridge interchanges, which cost as much as the first 9 per month of service, also proved to be an environmentalist project by reducing 58.000 kg carbon emissions from fuel.

The traffic of the area has become more fluent and secure after the triangular interchange where the people of Denizli dreamed for many years, and the traffic was completely opened in April 2018. With the realization of the project, which brought the traffic problem to the history in Triangle, the people of Denizli provided great time and fuel savings. When the number of vehicles passing from the triangle was determined to be 90.000, the speed of the traffic increased with the completion of the project and the stop times decreased significantly. For this reason, Triangle was the preferred reason for traffic, and the number of daily vehicles passing through the region also reached to 134.000. Besides, it was noted that drivers and pedestrians had to wait at the signal points at any time of the day, even if there was no traffic density prior to editing.

Saved up cost

With the opening of the Triangle Interchange at April 2018, the people of Denizli started to win. Thanks to the project, which saved a lot of time and fuel, the 9 3.219.000 with a reduction of 63 liters a month saved fuel savings of 58.000. Proportion of 2.733.750 kg carbon emissions to the atmosphere was prevented in line with the fuel. In this process, as a result of decreasing waiting times and increasing traffic flow rate, 2.733.750 hourly labor gain was achieved. Denizli people came to home or work in total 9 hours early. To date, millions of pounds remain in the pocket of citizens, the first XNUMX month of service to save up to the cost of the triangular interchanges and the stress of waiting for the people of the city was interfered with the stress.

”Our sea is winning kazan

Mayor of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Osman Zolan stated that the triangle bridge interchange is one of the most important transportation projects in the city. With the realization of the project, Denizli President Zolan pointed out that the Denizli people started to win and said: iler We have provided a good solution regarding transportation. The data obtained shows that the triangular bridge interchanges, which we call the heart of our sea, have contributed positively to our citizens in terms of economic, environmental and time. It continues to provide. Our citizens in the Triangle without waiting, without losing time and stress has become. Our marine continues to win. Iz


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