1915 `Biodiversity` Sensitivity in Çanakkale Bridge Construction

some roads will be closed to the vehicle traffic today 1
some roads will be closed to the vehicle traffic today 1

Minister of Transport and Infrastructure M. Cahit Turhan, 20 progress in the construction of the construction of the 1915 Çanakkale Bridge, said that they give special importance to biodiversity, said: moved. taşın

Minister Turhan, 1915 evaluated the construction of the Çanakkale Bridge.

324 Çanakkale Bridge and Malkara-Çanakkale in the area reaching to Lapseki district, starting from the south of Malkara district of Tekirdağ-Çanakkale-Savaştepe Motorway and extending to the Çanakkale-Gelibolu Peninsula and passing through the Çanakkale Strait between Sütlüce and Şekerkaya locations, within the scope of the 1915 kilometer. Turhan pointed out that the Motorway Project is located, 88 kilometer and 13 mileage road to the total highway length of the 101 and Dardanelles to cross the highway bridge between the build-operate-transfer method was done, he said.

Turhan, 16 year 2 month 12 as a result of the tender for the duration of the day Limak-Building Center-Daelim and SK created by the Çanakkale Highway and Bridge Construction Investment and Operation Co. last year was reminded that the assignment.

Turhan stated that the foundation of the construction in question was laid by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan at 18 March 2017. .

Turhan will be the world's largest span suspension bridge with 2023 meter main opening. 1915 emphasized that progress in the construction of the Çanakkale Bridge has reached 20 level, and that 3 bin 200 personnel are working in the project.

Turhan pointed out that social and economic progress will gain momentum in Thrace and Western Anatolia Region where the country's important service, industry and tourism sectors are intense. In addition to the local environmental impact assessment (EIA) study within the scope of the project, Evaluation (ESIA) has been carried out.

Turhan stated that the determined environmental and social measures were applied in the construction process carefully and added, ın Researches on sea creatures within the scope of ESIA showed that the pile works on the bridge tower foundations could adversely affect some migrating dolphin species using the Dardanelles Strait. . He said.

Dolphin transitions were expected, mussels moved

Turhan stated that the excavation and pile works were completed on the sea floor and that the experts of the 3 sea mammal, 7 day, took 24 hours.

Turhan stated that the observers performed a preview before the pile operations and warned the construction group to stop the pile operation if the dolphins approached more than 500 meters during the pile.

Turhan pointed out that the detection of the passing dolphins was carried out by the sound listening method and said that the bridge works were stopped 5 times because of the dolphin transitions, and the dolphin transitions were expected to be longer than 2 hours in total.

Turhan, a protected species called "Pinna Nobilis" mussel species can be affected by the sea structure of the bridge on the determination of the problem, said the work was carried out with the University of Çanakkale 18 Mart to solve the problem.

In this study, Pinna Nobilis-like mussels, which have 45 centimeters, were transferred to safe areas, Turhan said.

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